• lighting design

  • lighting control

  • natural light control

  • purchasing coordination

The role of Radiance Lighting on your project is like that of your architect or interior designer –for lighting. We are the member of your design team that will make your lighting beautiful and functional. Lighting can provide focus to what is important, bring drama to your environment and direct attention to what should be seen. Lighting will influence where you want to be and transition emotions throughout your space.

Through a process of design concepts, layouts, specifications and coordination, we provide all of the services needed to ensure you achieve the desired effect with lighting and are delivered the product of your expectations.

With the press of a button your lighting control system can trigger a pre-designed scene that determines which lights come on and at what intensity. In theater, the lighting designer places the lights, specifies the fixtures, and designs and programs the lighting control system all in combination to illuminate a moment on stage. We believe in the same approach for architectural lighting.

With Radiance Lighting responsible for the lighting control system, the design is treated as a unified whole. All aspects, from fixture placement to programming the scenes, are coordinated out of a single studio. We are in sync with the design objectives and the technical requirements needed to control the fixtures we’ve specified. All elements come together as planned in a single, cohesive design.

Natural light is beautiful, but it can be overpowering. Controlling natural light is an essential part of any architectural design. Automated window treatments that are integrated into your lighting control system are an excellent part of your overall design strategies.

We’re adept at coordinating the wishes of the interior designer, the characteristics of the architecture and the functionality of your window treatments, providing lighting control for your home even when the lights are off.

Management of purchasing channels will have a big impact on the overall success of a project. Of course you want good prices, but equally important is that funds are appropriated in a way that saves money over the entire course of the project- through a thoughtful purchasing process.

At Radiance Lighting, we are experts in the products we sell. We fully understand the role products have in fulfilling the requirements of your design. We are reliable, delivering products according to your construction timeline so we don’t delay proceeding steps of your project. But we’re also careful to not purchase so far ahead that choices can't evolve. By being fully engaged in your project, we’re able to ensure any design change is reflected in the bill of materials without delay or error of interpretation.

Radiance Lighting has many years of affiliation with all of the best factories while maintaining absolute design independence. This allows us to specify without obligation but still have full and direct purchasing relationships.

We know the design. We are there through out the process. We see the changes as they happen, and we have the resources to get the product to your contractor as designed and intended. Using Radiance Lighting as your purchasing source for lighting fixtures, lighting control and automated window treatments will save you money, prevent mistakes and ensure you achieve the desired effect.